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Christmas Wreaths

Crete Plantations inc.
North America: 1-800-663-7733
International: 1-819-340-3020
Email: daniel@creteplant.com

We offer a full line of beautiful hand-made Christmas wreaths. Quality is our main concern and freshness is our highest priority. We stand behind our products and strive to ensure that you get the quality and service you expect.

Crête's all-natural Christmas wreaths are made in our factory under supervised quality control using fresh boughs of Balsam, Cedar, Pine or an attractive combination of all three types on a solid wire frame.

All our Christmas wreaths are identified as follows.

Tag Blue Pink Red Yellow Beige Orange Purple White
Diameter of wreath 18" 22" 26" 32" 38" 50" 62" 74"
Ring Diameter 10" 12" 14" 18" 24" 36" 48" 60"
Mixed Christmas Wreaths

Mixed Christmas Wreaths

The qualities of Balsam fir, Cedar and Pine all rolled into one beautiful wreath. Need to differentiate yourself from the competition? These beautiful wreaths may well be what you need.

Balsam Christmas Wreaths

Balsam fir Christmas Wreaths

Balsam wreaths are the most popular essence we offer do to their wonderful fragrance. If Balsam isn't common in your area don't worry, once your clients notice the scent they'll want to take some home with them.

Cedar Christmas Wreaths

Cedar Christmas Wreaths

Cedar wreaths are long lasting, loose few needles and are quite different from other evergreens in texture, color and fragrance.

Pine Christmas Wreaths

Pine Christmas Wreaths

Pine wreaths are quite uncommon and are sure to be noticed do to their unique foliage and texture.

We use only the freshest boughs in order to guarantee that your customers will enjoy the warmth and fragrance of these fine Christmas wreaths throughout the holiday season.

Are you looking for decorated items?

We also offer a full line of beautifuly decorated Christmas wreaths and Grave blankets. We carefully pack all decorated items and they are shipped to you via reliable commercial carrier.