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Go Green Benefits

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How green is a Christmas tree?

Actually green is more than a color... here are useful facts and documents about the environmental benefits of using real Christmas trees.

Show clients green isn't just a color, promote the benefits of real Christmas trees today!

Tips to spread the "Go Green" message

Going green is not something you can just say, you must live it every day and pass on your knowledge to others

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A Greener Cleaner Alternative to Plastic

Natural Christmas Trees are better! Printable version

Going green has never been easier with a REAL tree. Buying a Real tree benefits the environment more than an artificial tree in many ways, for example, artificial trees are not naturally bio-degradable and can only be disposed of by burning the fake tree. In previous years the idea of buying an artificial tree was to help protect the environment and stop deforestation, today this is not the case. The awareness of preserving the environment has become more important than ever before, do your part this year and Go Green with the environmental choice of a real tree.

Buying a Real Christmas Tree is about Protecting the Environment

Artificial Trees Causing More Harm than Good

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Real Christmas trees do not harm our environment; they are grown on tree farm as an agricultural crop. Tree farms create thousands of jobs every year and promote money circulation within our economy. An article from the National Christmas Tree Association states that "85% of artificial Christmas trees are imported from China" contributing to the job loss of tree farmers in North America.

Other concerns in buying an artificial tree:

Artificial trees contain dangerous levels of lead

Artificial trees are a danger to the environment and to one's personal health. Although these risks may be manageable, the negative health implications related to owning an artificial tree cannot be ignored. Real trees have advantages that live on past the holiday season; they help the environment and the economy. So Go Green this season with the environmental choice of a REAL tree.

Recycling your Tree after the Holiday Season

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Treecycling is the process of recycling your Christmas tree to ensure that your tree is used to help the environment after the holiday season. Recycling your Christmas tree can be done at home or in your community.

Ideas for Recycling at Home

Natural Christmas Trees are better!

Local recycling methods

Christmas tree recycling programs vary depending where you live. Most curbside pickups occur two weeks following Christmas. Contact your local recycling center to find out about dates and local programs that support the recycling of Christmas trees.

At Crete Plantations we want to remind everyone to Go Green this holiday and remember to "treecycle".

Going green is not something you can just say, you must live it every day and pass on your knowledge to others

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